Hotel Djingis Khan wants to contribute to the best possible environment and therefore aims to:


Energy - reduce energy consumption

Switch to low energy lamps where possible.


Water - reduce fresh water consumption

Switch to low-flush faucets in sinks and showers as far as possible.

One-handed grip on taps and showers.


Chemical products - reduce the proportion of environmentally hazardous substances

As little chemicals for cleaning, washing and washing as is practically possible.

Restriction and control over the use of chemicals.


Waste - reduce the amount of unsorted waste

Sorting of all office materials such as toner cartridges, paper for the reception / office.

Source sorting in at least 4 fractions for kitchens.

Source sorting of hazardous waste such as paint, electronics, batteries according to the authorities' instructions.

Source sorting in the apartments.

Engage staff to think environmentally friendly through e.g. sorting of consumables in the daily work.


Purchasing - increase the amount of eco-labeled / organic products

Eco-labeled printed matter where possible.

Eco-labeled soap in dispensers as far as possible.

Eco-labeled cleaning products, detergents, detergents.

Increase the proportion of organic, fair trade and other certified foods and beverages.

Regional food as far as possible.


In our work for the environment, we have implemented the following changes based on the above goals:

We have switched to low-energy lamps and / or LED lighting.

We have single-handed grips in the kitchen / sink and water-efficient showers and taps.

We sort office materials at source: toner cartridges are sent / handed in for recycling, paper is left in the paper recycling.

We sort at least 4 fractions in the kitchen and cleaning.

We deposit return cans and bottles, the money goes in full to charity.

We sort the food waste in the kitchen.

We sort batteries, electronics and paint at source and leave for recycling

We engage the staff to think in an environmentally friendly way by requiring everyone in the staff to follow our instructions on source sorting.

We prioritize the purchase of organic, Swedish, and certified foods and raw materials.

Our cleaning products are Nordic Ecolabelled.

We use suppliers who work according to the latest environmental standards and ethical standards. We use CWS-boco Sandby, a Nordic Ecolabelled hotel laundry that uses allergy-tested detergents, for our bed linen, towels and tablecloths. CWS-boco is also ISO-certified, has EU-Blomman, Deko-Tex and GOTS.

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